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Changes of Life

December 11, 2009

Life goes on is a song of famous rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur. That makes me think, how our life goes on as part of changes in our society and in the world? I live my life in a very simple way. I’m a working student. Working at night and studying in the morning. I’m enjoying what I’m doing even others think that I’m killing my self. but for me I’ve learning a lot from my life today. Before I’m a type of of person who don’t care in anything, but now, every changes in our society is a part of my life and I see my self as part of it. beacuse I know I have a role on it, and I should be executing it. But how? I don’t even know where to start? And how will I do it? With all this questions I’m looking forward for an answer that will makes me a part of a change not only for my self  but for the others. And for the small change in our Mother Earth….